20140416-121217 am.jpgHi, I’m Sarah, NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I assist people of all ages break through their unsatisfying lives to find a life they feel truly in love with, passionate about, and fulfils them. Through my work, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing individuals and couples who have wanted to finally feel free of their limitations.

It wasn’t always this way. Five years ago, I felt stuck in a rut, filled with self doubt, suffering from depression because my life wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted it to be. I felt that I had something inside of me, something important, something wonderful that I wanted to share with the world, but some invisible force was holding me back. I started looking into self help, but got stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of reading book after book, hoping the next one would have the answer I desperately desired. It was this search for the next book that led me to NLP, which finally addressed my real needs and helped me build a bridge to a life I really wanted.

If you’ve ever felt like you just have no idea what you want to do with your life, like you feel you have so much to offer to the world but you just don’t know what that is, if you feel as though something is holding you back from your true potential… Maybe it’s time now to take that step forwards into a new life for yourself.


NLP Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner